Pottermore – A Unique Harry Potter Experience

Pottermore is an online harry potter experience created by J.K Rowling herself along with Sony. It was launched to public on the 11th of April.

I’m CrimsonFeather30264, from the intelligent and witty Ravenclaw. When I first heard about pottermore I immediately visited the site. It was very complicated to the eyes of such casual gamers, while hardcore gamers might puke for the site is such easy to complete. I completed Philosopher’s Stone in just a day and I’m excited for the release of Chamber of Secrets.

For avid harry potter fans, you’ll enjoy it like you’re reliving harry’s life. It covers everything that harry did. Except I noticed that there were no cloak of invisibility in sight. But maybe you’ll be using it in CoS.

So get yourself a pottermore and have a blast. They also sell ebooks and audio books.


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