A Historical Visit

ImageI was never an outgoing person who goes out of his/her house every so often. My traveling life is static and I love the way it is. I’m scared of traveling because I always think I’m gonna be lost since I have no sense of direction.

Then, my history professor assigned us to visit historical landmarks as our finals requirement. I was first anxiously afraid of the future of this. But then I joined the group of Nala, Me-i and Gleiza. My fear was lost. When “this irritating girl” convinced us to let her join, I got a little bit mad inside.

We didn’t let the day be gone without going to finish our finals requirement. So we went to different destinations on the day our history professor assigned us. Gleiza and Michaela didn’t went with us, since Gleiza has her make-up test in math that day and Michaela’s reason was absurd.


(At Rizal Park; (L-R) Nala and Me.)


(At Fort Santiago; (L-R) Me and Me-i.)


(At The Memorare Of The Innocent Victims In WW2; Nala)


(At the building which was once Ateneo De Manila; Me-i)


(At Manila Cathedral; (L-R) Me and Me-i)


(At San Agustin Church; Me-i)


(At Lapu-Lapu’s Statue; Me)

The landmarks we’d seen were magnificent and mind-boggling. It was my first time to go to this such place. But I will go there anytime if I had the company to take me there.

But things got bad. My money isn’t enough, Me-i’s money was lost and Nala had only a spare of cash for herself. So Me-i called her dad and her dad sent their maid to bring some money. That’s when the problem was no more.

I loved the experience and cherished the moments. That’s All!

For the real deal. Here’s the paper.

I’ll be passing the finals requirement in history tomorrow.

“Not all who wander are lost.”



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