Movie Reviews

I don’t watch movies so often because of the reason that my time is spent by going to school or playing video games.

Last night I stumbled upon movies in Youtube which made me cry, laugh, get angry, and made me cheer up.

First up is.


Cyberbully is about Taylor Hillridge (Emily Osment) who got her laptop for her birthday. She then made an account at a social media site called Her life fell to pieces when her account was hacked and the worst part was… (spoiler ends here)

I like how the movie started and went. Emily Osment portrayed the role perfectly. I hated Lindsay and Scott. The ending wasn’t satisfying for me. It was missing something and had something that wasn’t suppose to be there.


Next Up Is.

Teen Spirit

Teen Spirit is about this mean popular girl named Amber who was electrocuted and then died and in order for her to go to heaven she must have to make the least popular girl to be the prom queen.

Teen Spirit is not just your ordinary mean girl movie but it is more than that. You will have to watch if you wanna know.

Last but not the least.

Radio Rebel

Radio Rebel talks about the royal shyness, Tera, who is actually Radio Rebel, who is the school’s most listened Radio DJ.

The ending was spectacular but I just can’t get focused on the middle part of the movie.



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