Pacman Lost, Donaire Wins

The knockout of the people’s champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio made most Filipinos crying and sobbing and angry. The Round 6 knockout on Pacquiao done by Marquez was cried and angered in almost all parts of the Philippine Archipelago. Because for me also, Pacquiao’s defeat was shocking and really not anticipated. He hasn’t lost a battle since I was born (1996).

Then there’s this instagram photos of Justin Bieber wherein Manny Pacquiao is doing the “lean” with M.J. and Simba waking him up. Justin Bieber sure has a naughty attitude. Well, his/her fame has been taken by the One Direction. He has to do something to make her popular.

And this… I’m not a Donaire fan. I actually hated him because of his boastfulness. But winning back the Filipino pride makes me cry.


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One thought on “Pacman Lost, Donaire Wins

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